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POPZY, the POP mask for everyone

Popzy, is an innovative product of its kind, a face mask in washable and reusable fabric, made with 2 types of coupled fabrics:

  • an external one in stretch polyester to allow a better adherence to the face, waterproof and breathable;
  • one inside, in contact with the skin, in 100% hypoallergenic organic cotton to ensure greater delicacy and freshness even in the hottest seasons.

Ergonomic fit adheres perfectly to the face, thanks to an integrated silicone profile. In the upper part, a deformable underwire adapts the mask to the shape of the nose. Everything is finished with a border and sewn with a double braided thread.

In the inner layer an overlapped pocket allows the insertion of non-PPE* filters for greater protection and safety of the wearer.

The masks can be machine washed and / or sanitized with specific products. The filter is interchangeable and can be replaced with each new use.

Available in various sizes and models. 100% Made in Italy design and manufacture